Client Cases

How does it work?

The Delaney Policy Group looks at each client and each policy challenge as a unique case.   Where some firms take a standardized approach to get a standardized outcome, we look at your specific organizational goals and identify tailored strategies to reach them.

CASE #1 - 

DPG was retained by a large international pharmaceutical company that manufactured a highly effective cancer drug which provided critical treatment to thousands of patients.  The drug, while effective, was extremely dangerous if handled in an unsafe manner.   The client wanted to be sure that pending state legislation about drug repositories took the risk into account and aligned with federal handling guidelines but had a difficult time focusing legislative attention on the issue.

At DPG, we took a step back and examined the full policy making landscape.  When the state legislature proved unwilling to act on the client's concerns, we identified a place in the policy process that produced the desired outcome without requiring a change in state law.

A problem that has stalled in the legislature for a decade was solved in a single regulatory cycle.

CASE #2 - 

When Massachusetts voters passed a ballot initiative permitting the sale of recreational marijuana, cannabis companies in the medical marijuana space needed to adapt to the new market realities.   Several aspects of the new law posed significant challenges to the business model of existing operators.

DPG was retained to engage the legislature to make adjustments to the statute, maintaining the intention of the ballot initiative while addressing critical industry concerns.   We designed a plan combining policy thought-leaders with a broad coalition of advocates to  point out key changes to be made.  We then identified a small set of decision makers whose opinions would drive legislative votes.  

By structuring and sequencing conversations between the thought leaders and the deciders, DPG was able to achieve a successful legislative outcome which included favorable regulatory authority and taxation changes.

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DPG provides a tailored approach to your specific lobbying and government affairs needs.